The Butler

Benson is our newest addition. He is a loving black and white kitty that we rescued in May 2019. His favorite mommy is Linda, and he gets very upset if she isn’t there for a cozy lap to curl up in. Benson is convinced he’s going to get Sammy the Seagull one day, so we have to be very mindful of him not getting out the door.



Director of First Impressions

Winnie is our pretty black and white cat. She came from Pam’s house where she wasn’t happy being in the company of a spunky new kitten and has really thrived as an office cat. She spends most of her time outdoors (as she doesn’t like the company of other cats) and can be found up in the tree, under our cars, or begging for attention from the patients visiting the doctor office next door.



Social Activities Coordinator

GiGi joined our team in October 2017. She was adopted from the Humane Society and is a spunky little girl who loves to explore all around the office. She likes to be a part of meetings in the conference room, and you’ll know if you’re her “person” for the day. She splits her time between snoozing in a sunny spot and demanding running water from the sink.



Aerial Security

SammySammy is our sea gull who waits on the light post for his share of the cats’ breakfast and snacks. He has told all of his friends about the free cat food, so we typically feed several “Sammy”s. He is so used to us that he will hardly move out of the way when we are trying to park our cars in the morning. He is not the least bit worried about the cats. They all peacefully reside with us.



Retired Client Retention Specialist

Forever purring in our laps – January 26, 2019



Forever in our hearts ~ January 6, 2016


Grey Kitty

Groundskeeper - end of watch December 6, 2017