Duggar & Traylor, LLC is an all-female firm located in Jacksonville, FL.

We offer personal and business tax return preparation, accounting & financials, tax planning, and more. We would be happy to sit down with you and discuss your specific life or business situation and how it translates to your taxes.

 Meet the firm partners

Accounting in Today’s World

To know where you want your business to go you need to assess where your business is now. Our services encompass nearly every aspect of your financial life. Our network of professionals will cover nearly all aspects of future planning — from real estate and estate lawyers to investment advisors.

Focused on your Finances

Our aim is to guide your accounting process to provide accurate financials that are the basis of all your current and future business decisions. We create an environment of security and trust so that you can focus on the profitable activities of your business.

We aspire to achieve a valuable relationship with each and every one of our clients through personalized individual attention. We focus on developing this relationship by being your business sentinel: watching your numbers and keeping you informed of the impact of new tax laws and economic markers. By listening to your concerns, we develop strategies for your business growth, succession, and estate planning.

Technology at work for you

We are committed to helping you with all of your financial needs. We use state of the art technology to securely access your files remotely with no intrusion on your work day. From our website you can access a portal to transfer files to and from us. This gives you immediate access to tax documents and other financial information all at the click of a mouse.

We keep copies of all documents in a virtual file cabinet. You are always assured that in the case of an audit or request for documentation that we always have immediate access to those documents.